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Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter) Memes Got Trending on Social Media Platform

Live-action "Ghost Fighter" memes are popular on social media

Recently Netflix released a new teaser poster for the upcoming live-action adaptation of ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ also known as "Ghosfighter".

This news became famous all over the world because of its unique feel to each character they released, because of the popularity it brought to the Philippines the pictures of Yu Yu Hakusho's characters became famous on social media and made it into memes.

The names of the main characters in “Yu Yu Hakusho" are derived from famous celebrities in the Philippines such as Eugene Domingo who became Eugene (Yusuke Urameshi), Dennis Padilla became Dennis (Youko Kurama), Jericho Rosales became (Koenma) here are their images in their memes and other.

Eugene Domingo

Dennis Padilla

Jericho Rosales

Picture of other memes

Note: We have only seen these images on social media and this content is designed to show you what is happening on the Social Media Trending Platform

Yoshihiro Togashi's iconic manga "Yu Yu Hakusho" was initially serialized in the 1990s. It centers on Eugine (Yusuke), a high school student who dies while attempting to save a kid, transforms into a detective working in the underworld, and becomes entangled in a mystery involving the human, demon, and spirit realms.

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