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Autopsy Confirmed Kazuki Takahashi Died by Drowning

The cause of death of the author of "Yu-Gi-Oh" was drowning according to autopsy result

At age of 60 Yu-gi-ug creator, Kazuki Takahashi died drowning, On July 6 japan Shore Guard found the dead body of Takahashi in Nago City Okinawa while snorkeling.

Finally, the autopsy confirmed that the manga creator Kazuki Takahashi, whose true name is Kazuo Takahashi had died from drowning. Mr. Takahashi was discovered drifting about 300 meters offshore and was pronounced dead. She was dressed in a T-shirt, an underwater mask, and a snorkel.

Takahashi, who was born in Tokyo, had his manga art debut in the 1980s, the same decade that the official "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card game was published in more than 70 nations and regions and was recognized by Guinness World Records as the "best-selling trading card game in the world."

Here is the reaction of Yo-Gi-Uh fans to the death of Kazuki Takahashi.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Games (KONAMI Europe) expressed their astonishment and sadness at Takahashi's unexpected death in a tweet.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Games stated, "We are truly appreciative for the magnificent Yu-Gi-Oh! universe he has created and our thoughts are with his friends and family at this trying time.

Via Source: NHK NEWS and

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