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Black Clover's new chapter 332 will be published: Date confirmed

Manga's Return Date Is Confirmed by Black Clover Official Twitter

The long-awaited Black Clover anime fans are finally coming back. The manga's creator Yuki Tabata has announced that Black Clover will return in August, bringing off from the manga's final act, after a long break of many months, Asta and the Black Bull magic knights will be back in a few days.

Tabata manga will return on August 1st according to the Weekly Shonen Jump official Twitter account. The editorial team of Tabata mentioned that Black Clover's manga will take a break for the preparation of its final arc to give fans a good storyline.

This coming 1st of August, Black Clover's new chapter 332 will be revealed, all of the series' fans are now waiting for the future chapters to find out what will happen in the story.

In twitter Many are anticipating the publication of the next chapter, with some claiming that the last chapter Final Arc: Ultimate Wizard King Starts is intermingled with the character's backstory, based on the title of the tweet issued on the Weekly Shonen Jump official account.

Abata's manga Black Clover was released in February 2015 and sold 15 million copies worldwide and its anime adaptation was released in October 2017 with 51 episodes.

β€œOn the same day, Asta and Yuno were abandoned at the same church. Growing up together, they heard of the "Wizard King," the name given to the most powerful wizard in the realm, Asta is unable to utilize magic at all and is urgently trying to develop his abilities via physical training, and this Yuno has been gifted with the ability to use wind magic and grace of the four-leaf grimoire. They made a promise that they would contest with one another to become the strongest mage in the kingdom and become the next Wizard King.”

Come and join us in following the upcoming new chapter this August so you can keep up to date on new anime news by following our Facebook page and other media accounts.


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