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New PV Extreme Hearts has been released

Extrem Hearts img

Extreme Hearts 2nd promotional video released

A new promotional video for Extreme Hearts has been uploaded on the KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE YouTube account. It is said here that this is the second PV of the mentioned anime, so let's look forward to its next information regarding its future news.

The Blu-ray Volume 2 sleeve illustration has also come along with the second PV. Yukino Tachibana and Rise Kohinata, the new members of RISE, are shown in the artwork, which was created by Kazuki Ikawa, the original character designer. Benefits related to business purchases were also revealed at the same time.

Extrem Hearts img

The creator of the "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" series, Maki Tsuzuki, is the author of the original animated series "Extreme Hearts." Extreme sports and hobby contests that fully utilize "Extreme Gear" have become increasingly popular among a wide range of people in the recent past. The tale starts to pick up steam when a specific event involves high school vocalist Harukazu Hayama, who had no connection to extreme sports.

Check out the 2nd promotional video released:

At the TOKYO MX and BS11 event on July 9, 2017, they announced the release of their new key visuals. The second key visual features five main characters, including Yakuza Hayama.

Below is the updated key visual:

Plot Summary

Hyper Sports, which use extreme gear as support items, have become popular hobby competitions among both children and adults. Hiyori Hayama is a high school singer who has nothing to do with Hyper Sports, but a certain incident sets the story in motion. - animenewsnetwork

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