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Top 7 Best Anime Tagalog Dubbed Streaming Sites in the Philippines

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Top 7 Most Popular Anime Tagalog Dubbed Website

Japanese anime has become popular all over the world so many countries want to watch it. Sometimes other countries change the Japanese language into the language they are using. In the Philippines, they use Tagalog language, also sometimes in TV shows. The anime has been translated into Tagalog to make it easier to understand. As a result, in certain TV series, the animation is translated into Tagalog to make it easier to comprehend the show without the need to read subtitles.

best top 7 website tagalog image So, in this post, we will highlight the most popular anime tagalog websites in the Philippines, as well as the top 7 anime tagalog websites that people always visit.

1. BiliBili

With English subtitles, HD resolution, and no advertisements, Bilibili's website and mobile app are available for iOS and Android. You can also download anime for free using the mobile app and view them whenever you want while offline. Most of the anime is still in english dubbed and the others have been translated into tagalog language.

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You may watch the top-rated and popular Tagalog anime series on the Bilibili Website, such as My hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter tagalog, Jujutsu Kaisen, Haikyuu, Jujutsu Kaisen, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, One Punchman and etc. The creator can upload videos such as anime series that cannot be deleted and cannot be co -copyrighted

2. Viu

Viu is the top global and regional over-the-top (OTT) video streaming service. Not all of the videos on this page are completely anime; some are Korean movies, Asian dramas, Japanese dramas, and so on. Viu is free to watch you may access the content without paying, but there are certain limitations.

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You can access the service via the Viu app at App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices or visit there website at

3. Animerevival

All of the videos on animerevival are anime series and anime movies. You may download their videos since they offer a menu for the animes that can be downloaded. This website has been around for a long time so sometimes their video no longer works as others say this is a dead site. You may visit this website at

Animerevival pc and mobile screenshot
You can watch old Tagalog anime dubbed here such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Eyeshield 21, Detective Conan, Cedie, Bleach, Avatar and more

4. PinoyMoviesHub

This website is one of the new sites recognized by Filipinos, most of them are Filipino movies and you won't find any mixed movies or others. The copies of the anime you can stream in this site are all in good quality. Most of their videos have normal loading you may visit their website at The only advantage of this website is that you can select the anime and movie in tagalog dub.

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you can watch new anime in tagalog dubbed such as Traigun and other.

5. Animetambayan

Anime Tambayan - Watch Free Tagalog/English Movies Online and Anime Series in HD qualities without Registration. Anime Tambayan has many features to assist you to find exactly what you're watching for. And where you can stream latest Movies and Series without spending a penny. For free timing trip on Anime Tambayan Without Annoying Ads.

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The majority of the videos on this page are blended with tagalog dub anime and English dub anime, they also publish hollywood movies, Korean drama and etc.

6. Salamandertv

Salamandertv is one of the best new site that is dedicated to Filipino anime fans. All anime her are translated in to a tagalog language, besides anime they have holliwood movies that also translated.

Salamandertv pc and mobile screenshot
You can watch most of Anime episodes in Tagalog dubbed. Visit there website at

7. Tagalog Anime 143

This is one of the good sites that offers free streaming of anime movies or series. It can be downloaded using its mobile app which is available in android. The owner of the site advises the watchers to download their desired anime while it is still available as it can be removed anytime.

Tagalog Anime 143 screenshot
There are OG animes you can stream here like Flame of Recca, Shaman King, Hunter X Hunter, Detective Conan, etc. It also offers new generation animes like One Piece film: GOLD, Your Name, KonoSuba, etc.

This article is not mean for promoting illegal websites but to inform watchers that there are websites where you can watch old or new generation anime. Accessing these websites are safe based on our own experience using it. If there are any more websites where you can stream Tagalog dub anime movies or series that are not listed here, you can let us know in the comments and we will see right through it.

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