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New Key Visual and Trailer video for Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation has been Released

The First Teaser Visual For A Solo Leveling Anime Has Been Released

One of the most well-known Korean manhwas of this decade, Solo Leveling, came to an end last year after 179 amazing episodes. Since the D&C Webtoon's serial became so well-known, fans have questioned whether an anime adaptation of the manhwa will be produced?

After months of speculation, the formal confirmation of the Solo Leveling anime has been made. Aniplex, A1 Pictures, and Crunchyroll revealed the anime adaptation is presently in development during the second day of Anime Expo 2022.

Solo Leveling is scheduled to premiere on Crunchyroll sometime in 2023. Although the studio was unable to provide a precise release date, we do have something else that could make you excited for the anime. It appears that a new teaser has been issued by Crunchyroll to tease the anime adaptation. The promotional video merely includes some amazing panels from the manhwa and doesn't include any animation footage.

Check the first teaser of the anime below :

Prior to the formal announcement of the Solo Leveling anime adaptation at Anime Expo, there has been a leak of a significant image for the Solo Leveling anime much spread on social media with a leaked poster of solo leveling.

Check out the leaked image below:

And this is the official teaser for the leaked image below:

Solo Leveling manhwa is based on a web novel, under the name “Only I Level Up”, written by Chugong. The series became pretty popular in a short period that it was picked up by D&C to be adapted as Manhwa. It follows the story of Sung Jin Wo, who is a D-class hunter. Due to an accident in a dungeon one day, he attains a system that allows him to level up.


In a world where hunters, humans who possess magical abilities, must battle deadly monsters to protect the human race from certain annihilation, a notoriously weak hunter named Sung Jinwoo finds himself in a seemingly endless struggle for survival. Jinwoo embarks on a mission to learn the mysteries of the dungeons and the actual source of his powers, fighting against all kinds of foes, both human and monster.

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